Web Design and

Development Services

First impressions last forever. When it comes to your Web site, you want it to be visually compelling, well organized, and professional. And you also need it to have powerful functionality so that it not only looks good, but works well. STG has designed and produced sites for just about every niche and market segment under the sun. Our sites are developed with an eye for exceptional visual presentation, the highest standard of professionalism, and an overall eye toward your strategic objectives. Some of our more frequent production engagements include:

Web Design and User Experience
We design stunning and effective Web sites that are attractive and engaging to the intended target market. We create flexible designs with attention to detail, focusing on all of the aspects that instill trust and professionalism in your Web presence.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Content management systems put you in control of your Web site’s content. STG can help you choose just the right system for your site or even develop a customized system tailored to your specific needs.

Web Application Development
Do you need a particular aspect of your Web site to perform a database-driven function? From the simple to the complex, STG has a wealth of experience in building Web-based software to capture data, perform operational functions, and adhere to pre-defined business rules. We can help you develop applications in a variety of software languages.

Shopping Cart Implementation
If you’re selling five or five hundred items, chances are you’re going to need a shopping cart system. STG can implement a variety of shopping cart systems including our own Content Management System integrated software and help you make your online business a success.
Online E-Commerce
If you need to take payments or perform financial transactions online, STG can help. We have a wealth of experience in configuring online merchant accounts, payment gateways, and interacting with APIs from third parties to do things like calculate shipping or fulfillment particulars in real-time.
Mobile Web Development
If your Web site works well on a computer screen, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it functions properly on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Droid environments.  STG can help craft mobile-friendly sites for your company and auto-detect users’ Web browsers so we know just what version to load for them. In today’s mobile era, mobile optimization is critical to satisfying your Web users.