Software Development

STG provides outsourced software design, development, and integration services on Microsoft's .NET technology stack. We specialize in desktop-like web solutions, such as Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Web 2.0/Ajax Applications, Cloud Software, and Mobile Applications.

Our Agile team can work "virtually" on any project anywhere in the world regardless of location. Our Agile development process, and over 20 years of application development experience which spans multiple technologies from mainframe to client server to web, makes it possible for us to build your enterprise-grade solutions in up to 40% less time with 100% precision.

Software Design
Our software design process is iterative, creative, fast, and Agile and has proven to be an extremely effective means of capturing and documenting software specifications. Through the use of extensive story boarding, illustrated specs, usability testing, common user interface elements, and experienced software analysts and designers, our design process yields elegant software specs that reflect your vision precisely and are ready to code. We can also provide the technical specifications and relational database schema as part of the process. To get started, all we need is a list of features.
The combination of our senior-level development team, software development platform, and Agile development process gives us the ability to deliver the exact solution you envision in a fraction of the time it would take any another development team.

We have developed dozens of software applications for a variety of industries including Healthcare, Education, Employment Services, Finance, Biotechnology, Government, Transportation, and IT.

Whether you are a start-up company that wants to build a new custom software product, or a Fortune 500 company that wants to modernize your legacy systems, we can provide the technology, team, and processes to quickly turn your vision into reality.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are characterized by having multi-tenancy, which means that multiple clients are hosted on a single software application with personalized views. This type of application is managed and maintained by the vendor and is accessed by the client via a standard web browser and internet connection. SaaS applications have become the most popular type of new software application.

STG possesses a vast amount of experience building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. In fact, the STG team developed one of the first ever SaaS-based grant management and weatherization systems back in 2004. Since then STG has designed - and developed - many more new SaaS applications for clients in a variety of industries. When it comes to SaaS, no one has more practical, hands-on experience than STG.
Systems Integration
Sharing data between disparate systems can be accomplished through well-written data interfaces and web services. STG has developed a broad range of interfaces between various software, devices and platforms. We use the latest technologies to connect systems (both on-premise and web-based), share data, simplify and automate interoperability, and standardize data exchanges across your organization. Whether you are trying to integrate web-based applications or internal systems our experienced consultants can help.