IT Staffing

We provide specialized talent that will drive profits for your company. You will have access to hidden talent you would normally not have access to due to our extensive network and proprietary database of local IT professionals that we have maintained over the 20 years.

We believe that matching talent to specific IT needs should be done by professionals with an in-depth understanding of todays business needs and the specialized technology skills they require. Thats why were staffed exclusively by recruiters with extensive industry expertise.

Contract-To-Hire Services
STG offers clients the choice of hiring consultants on a contract or temporary basis for as long as necessary and without a minimum time commitment.

Clients can also decide to convert consultants to direct employees after a trial period, providing maximum hiring flexibility and reduced risk.
Direct IT Placement Services
STG works on a contingency basis. Clients only pay a fee if and when deciding to hire one of our candidates.

As part of our direct hire search services, we will locate, interview, check employment references, conduct background checks, and submit our top two-three most qualified candidates to you.

A replacement guarantee is provided on all direct hires we source.
We provide clients the ability to conduct sensitive interviews confidentially in our offices, away from office interruptions, comparing candidate qualifications back-to-back for a better hiring process.