IT Consulting

The key to success in today's complex technical environment is the ability to manage projects efficiently and effectively. This takes strong skills and experience from people and teams that have succeeded in taking projects to completion regardless of the situation.

The skills of both our consultants are broad and deep. We have expertise in virtually every aspect of Systems Engineering, Software Development, and Technology Solutions. Our long experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients has taught us that success requires skills in both working with clients as business partners, and in providing leadership to manage large-scale complex consulting engagements.

IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation)
As one of our specialties, we can provide IV&V support during a System's Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We believe that IV&V helps the customer gain the most return on investment (ROI) that is possible on a software development project. The primary reason for this is that IV&V remains independent of the organization to provide an unbiased review of processes and products.
Database Planning
We can help you build and implement a relational database to fit a specific requirement. Our consultants have participated in many database and data warehouse projects, and are experienced in the latest databases such as: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, TerraData, DB2, and others.
Software Development
Our consultants are capable of performing a variety of services from planning to developing and maintaining large-scale software system on a variety of platforms. We can help you outsource your software or web development project to fully take advantage of our infrastructure and experienced team, or you can enhance you in house development team with one or more of our experienced professionals. We offer a wide range of technical and management skills to plan, analyze, design, test, support, train, and maintain, a variety of web, client server, PC and mainframe systems.