Our Culture

STG's values and our people help inspire us to do our best work. We've always believed that if we do the right thing for our customers, our business will continue to grow. STG employees do business with the highest level of integrity as they serve our customers.

Our values are the foundation of our company's culture. These core values are the reason employees can feel proud of working for STG, and are the keys to sustaining our company's success.

Everyone at STG has a story - something that sets them apart - and as that part, they help make STG whole. Every employee, every story, helps make STG the company that it is, and makes it the great place that it is to work at.

A great company is one that's committed to making the world a better place. Good corporate citizenship has been an STG ideal since the company was founded. STG is committed to being a good corporate citizen in all of the communities we work and live in.

STG's president, Barry Young, introduced the company to kaizen, the Japanese idea that a number of small changes lead to big improvements over time. Our employees continually ask: how can we do this better? It's the catalyst for our innovation and ability to grow businesses.